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E-Blue Professional Gaming Keyboard: Cobra Combatant-X EKM057

E-Blue Professional Gaming Keyboard: Cobra Combatant-X EKM057

E-Blue Professional Gaming Keyboard: Cobra Combatant-X EKM057
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Cobra Combatant-X is the first advanced gaming keyboard, the origin of its design is intended to provide the most reliable, durable and practical gaming device. Cobra Combatant-X possesses all the features those required by gamers, and finished by the cool black color scheme, making Cobra Combatant-X a professional gaming equipment. E-BLUE Cobra Combatant-X is made for the gamers who pursue in high-quality, high reliability and high maneuverability. Combatant-X is a gaming-oriented keyboard, which features gaming-related function. It is equipped the ultra-fast response keys, which allows you to control your enemies completely, becoming invincible.


Brings gaming to a new level

Fantastic Blue Illumination

Blue Illumination around the central Cobra emblem gives you a clear awareness of Cobra Combatant-X. The energy that Combatant released can support any gaming activity.

Spring-Type Key Basement

Space-bar is one of the most frequently used key on the keyboard, therefore the spring-type key basement is used on the space-bar key, which provide exactly the same lift force to both end of Space-Bar, ensuring there is no jamming of the key during the game. Its durabiltiy is also greatly increased.

Gaming Color Scheme of Keys

The most frequent used keys respond by displaying blue illumination. The color tone of those keys are fine-tuned to allow users to to see easily under dim situations. All the keys of Cobra Combatant-X has the fine finishing, this procedure increases the maneuverability of the keyboard.

Anti-slip Wrist Hold

It increases the synergy between the device and the user.


Laser-Printing of the characters on keyboard give clearer reading and greater durability. Its short keys collection is able to satisfy different group of users.

Built-in Weight Stablizer

Its steel plate stabilizer minimises the vibrations of the keyboard when in use.



Controller: HT82K629A-000N

Voltage: 5V±5% 

E, Current: Maximum 150mA

Cable Length: 5.4 feet

Switch Life: 10 Millions times

Working Temperature: 0℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature: (-20)℃ to (+65)℃


Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT/ XP/ win 7


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